areas of focus


The focus is set on consulting for management.

Typical projects include:

  1. develop strategy for the IT of a major insurance company
  2. develop strategy for preventive maintenance of a large fleet of vehicles for a major transportation company
  3. develop a system for harvesting the ideas of employees for a major local employer

Typical methods include:

  1. managing projects to support accountable leader in “who does what by when”
  2. simplifying issues at hand by developing MECE structures and applying lean principles
  3. documenting and creating content for internal and external presentations


The focus is set on helping people to get better in business and personal life.

Typical projects include:

  1. resolving conflicts in the workspace between management and employees
  2. initiate and sustain personal change in every day life
  3. scoping with stress by developing skills for managing own personal & professional life with ease

Typical methods include:

  1. long- /shortterm coaching sessions
  2. fitness, nutrition and health coaching
  3. tools from neuro-linguistic programming, nonviolent communication and “software” helpers


The focus is set on creating new products & services in partnerships.

Typical projects include:

  1. creating a new online sales system for a service to make better use of tax-benefits
  2. developing a mobile PVC-frame for images printed on fabrics for easy transportation and fast change
  3. creating a new way for understanding and editing legal documents

Typical methods include:

  1. lean startup process including the lean canvas
  2. run workshops for creating and prioritizing new ideas
  3. structure ideas and transform them into a project plan

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